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Can Fish Tank Cause Breathing Problems?

If you are about to get your fish tank and bring some essence of the beauty from the depths into your room, you might wonder: can fish tank cause breathing problems?

Indeed, this is a very fair question. Most bacteria that can cause illnesses in human beings reside in moist environments.

There is also the issue of mold. Its spores can cause asthmatic attacks.

When you look for information, you will find that keeping pet fish can put you at the risk of suffering from Salmonella Paratyphi B dT+, a bacterium that is very notorious for resisting multiple drug resistance. It causes vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhea.

Fish can also carry other pests. But in this article, we shall find out about breathing problems. So, here, we will find out whether a fish tank can cause asthma, congestion, colds and other similar illnesses and conditions.

Can A Fish Tank In Your Bedroom Make You Sick?

A fish tank in your bedroom is a good idea. First, it looks real good and having your pet fish watching over you as you sleep feels classical. But there is a small chance that it might affect your health.

But just what kinds of problems might you get from a fish tank? Many people will argue that a fish tank is very clean. Of course, pet fish will mostly survive in a very clean environment.

Thus, the breathing problems that the fish tank can cause are not from the fish tank itself, but from what it can do to the surroundings.

Fish tank in bedroom will increase humidity

When people ask: can my fish tank make me sick; they are usually asking whether they can keep the fish tank where they want.

And the answer is yes, because it is therapeutic. But if you want to keep one in the bedroom, you will have to take care of things such as filter noise, light and so on.

Since a fish tank has water, evaporation is bound to occur. Therefore, it can raise the humidity of your bedroom too much and make it hard to sleep through the night.

However, perhaps you can use the fish tank together with a dehumidifier. However, the noise level might be a bit high.

Fish tank has nasty smells

If you have been asking: Is it bad to have a fish tank in your bedroom? The answer is no. However, fish release their waste in the water, and this causes a nasty resultant smell. This smell can hinder you from sleeping.

Some people might also gag or even vomit from the smell of the fish tank. Thus, while a fish tank in your bedroom might not make you sick, it has some side effects, such as the smell.

If a fish dies in the water, the resultant smell will be nasty. If you have live plants in the aquarium, their dead parts can start rotting. This is going to cause a bad smell.

Another thing that can cause a bad smell in your bedroom is the food that you feed the fish. Food materials rot when they stay in the water, and fish food is not any different.

A fish tank can make your feel anxiety

Believe it or not, while water is therapeutic for calming your nerves, well, when you have to stare at moving water for hours, it can make you anxious. In advanced circles, this is referred to as negative feng shui energy.

Thus, having an aquarium in the bedroom might not make you feel sick in the sense of sick, but it can affect your sleep quality.

Can a fish tank cause asthma?

A fish tank cannot cause asthma if you have good immunity and if you do not have an underlying case of respiratory issues.

But …

If you already have asthma, you need to be careful with the fish tank. Once algae starts growing in the water, it can trigger asthmatic attacks.

Can fish tank algae make you sick?

Some algae have also been known to cause breathing problems in children. Of course, minimal exposure to algae is not too bad.

Can a fish tank cause asthma

If you keep a fish tank in the same room as your baby for a long time, the baby can have breathing problems.

Fish tank aquariums can have a type of bacteria called mycobacterium marinum. While it does not always cause illnesses, if it does, you can develop skin lesions that appear singly or in small groups.

These lesions can disappear in four or more weeks, but they can be uncomfortable. Usually, they require treatment with antibiotics.

It is also possible to develop a case of aquarium granuloma. This is a rare disease caused by parasites from fish, but it can happen.

High humidity can cause asthma

Another thing that might trigger asthma is high humidity. Of course, a fish tank evaporates, so it increases humidity.

Just as dry air can make the airways inflamed and cause asthmatic attacks, when the air is too humid, the same can happen.

In fact, if you have asthma or any other chronic breathing issue, you might want to keep the fish tank out of your bedroom.

High humidity can cause an increase of indoor allergens that can affect your airways. While many allergens such as dust mites get heavy and fall on the floor, others can continue floating in the air and when you inhale them, they can irritate your bronchial tubes.

Of course, you could always cover your fish tank to prevent evaporation from getting into your air. You could also get a dehumidifier with a humidistat, but then the fish tank and dehumidifier would make noise.

Can fish tank mold make you sick?

With time, white mold can form in the fish tank. This mold can be bad for your fish as it can cause them to have eye infections. It can also cause swim bladder in your fish. Thus, it is best that you get rid of it soon.

Apart from mold forming in the fish tank, as the tank continues to increase the humidity level in your house, it will cause mold under the bed, in the closet and other dark or hidden spaces.

Mold is a sinister indoor allergen because it can damage your ceiling, wall surfaces, but it will also trigger asthmatic attacks.

For instance, it can cause inflammation in the tissue of your bronchial tubes. This causes wheezing and coughing.

So, if you have been asking: is fish tank mold dangerous? Any kind of mold is dangerous for your health. Mold also means that there is excess humidity in the air.


Can fish tank cause breathing problems for you? If your immunity is not compromised, you might be at risk from the high humidity, mold growth and even fish parasites.

Most of the time, there is nothing to worry about if you are of sound immunity. If you like, you can keep your fish tank in the bathroom for those people asking: can having a fish tank in the bedroom make you sick.

But be ready to contend with rotting food smells. Fish tanks will make your room smell. They will also raise the humidity in the bedroom, which can affect your sleep quality.

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