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5 Vital Tips for How To Add Oxygen for Fish Bowl

Knowing how to add oxygen to fish bowl is … literally, a matter of life and death. Your fish need enough oxygen, whether you keep them in a world class aquarium or a bowl.

A bowl might be a bare basics way of keeping pet fish at home. However, it is a good way of starting to keep a pet fish. But you need to know how to add more oxygen into the water. You see, fish get their oxygen from the water.

As water passes over the gills of the fish, they get their oxygen and they are able to breath. But the problem is that the oxygen in the water gets depleted with time. In that case, you need to know how to add more.

But first:

How do you know that your fish needs more oxygen?

This is very important! If your fish have enough oxygen, there is no need to bother about how to increase oxygen in a fish tank.

But there will always be telltale signs of your fish needing more air. One of them is that they swim closer to the surface. If you see your fish moving closer to the surface, it is time to find out about adding oxygen to water.

Another indication that you need more oxygen for fish bowl is when the fish appears to be gasping. When fish cannot get enough air from the water, they will open their mouth so that more water passes over the gills and through the scales into their body.

As the fish move closer to the surface of the water, check their gills. If the gills are moving rapidly, it means the oxygen level in the water is starting to run low. If you know how to aerate water, the situation need not get to this level.

How to oxygenate water in a fish bowl

Now that you know the symptoms of less oxygen in your fish tank water, it is now time to know how to add water into the bowl.

Since this is just a bowl, you do not need a pump, so you will have to think of manual ways of how to increase oxygen in fish tank.

1. Pour in fresh water from a height

One of the ways to increase the amount of oxygen in the water in the bowl is to pour out some of the water and then add more water from a height, with a can.

How much water do you need to add? First, pour out half of the water in the fish bowl. Consider changing half the water.

Secondly, pour in a fresh amount to fill up the fish bowl again. That is the simplest way of how to get oxygen in a fish tank without a pump.

2. Ice cubes can help

Ice cubes can come in very handy if the low oxygen levels in the tank happened because of an increase in temperature. If the water is too warm, it contains a little amount of oxygen, which might not be enough for the fish.

If this is the case, you should toss a fistful of ice cubes in the fish bowl. This is going to help cool the water and increase the oxygen level.

3. Reduce the number of fish in the bowl

Many types of fish such as Pea Pufferfish, Guppies, Ember Tetra and White Cloud Minnows can live well in a fishbowl.

The secret is to keep a few fish, maybe one or two in a bowl because more fish can deplete the oxygen in the water fast.

If you need to keep more fish in the bowl, get a bigger one. But even for a big bowl, you would still need to know how to add more oxygen to fish bowl. You can use the methods that we have discussed here to add oxygen to the fish bowl.

4. Change the entire water

It is only a bowl, so there is not that much water. Thus, make a point of changing the water a few times a week.

If you are using tap water in your fish bowl, you will need to treat it. Already, some sources say that it is cruel to keep fish in a bowl. They say this because by design, a bowl’s shape tapers off at the end, thus making it hard to infuse oxygen into the water.

As a result, the fish in a bowl will face the effects of oxygen depletion faster than fish in an acrylic or glass aquarium.

Thus, to make it easy for your fish, just change the water daily. Just add a pinch of aquarium salt in the water before you put your fish back in. If you forget to change the water for a day or two, the salt will prevent the growth of bacteria.

You might also include a small amount of pebbles in your fish bowl. Pebbles offer a natural filtrate for your fish bowl water.

5. Agitate the water in the bowl

Unknown to many people, agitating the water is one of the ways for how to get oxygen in a fish tank without a pump.

By agitating the water to aerate it, we mean just stir it. You can do that using your hand, but wash it first. You do not want to introduce new bacteria in your fish bowl.

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That is how to add oxygen to fish bowl. Overall, the best way is to change the entire amount of water in the fish bowl.

Empty the tank every day in the evening or morning. Since fish bowls catch less oxygen than other pet fish homes, you need to do more maintenance. Remember to treat the water from the tap before you add it to the bowl.

If you are in a hurry and there is not time to change the water, just use your hand or something like a cooking stick that you don’t use to agitate the surface of the water. That should infuse more oxygen into your water in the fish bowl.

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