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Picking the best place for aquarium in the house?

For starters, is it good to keep a fish aquarium at home? My definite answer is yes. Well, is a fish tank one of the décor you are thinking of adding to into your house? Great if yes is your answer. The best place for the aquarium in the house is now the next important decision for you to make.

If you make the location’s decision right, you’ll not regret having a fish tank in your room. In-fact, I promise that it will not only brighten your room but will also be a great stress reliever for you. It has a great therapeutic effect to even reduce blood pressure. Now, while some may prefer them without fish, they are definitely much better with them. Just try keeping the low maintenance fish if you will.

Unfortunately however, this critical decision on where to put the fish tank comes last especially with most beginner aquarists. It’s actually more of an afterthought.

Best place of aquarium in the house

However, this in my opinion should precede the decision on the type of fish, the size or even the shape of tank. Actually, the aquarium place has a big impact on the eventual water quality besides determining how often the fish tank will need cleaning.

In addition, most aquariums will need some level of permanency in their set up. As a result therefore, any movement however small occasioned by lack of prior planning on it position would be very inconveniencing.

Most will require dissembling. That’s not to mention the unfortunate stressing of your pet fish. You shouldn’t forget that stress highly undermines the immunity of the pet. It’s not worth it. I trust you now appreciate that there is no room for guess work on matters location.

The decision on the best place to put a fish tank in your house will influence other issues such as the size of the tank, the shape of the tank, the pet fish stock size among others.

Guide to picking the best place for aquarium in the house;


Honestly, aquariums are meant to be seen. To be admired and enjoyed. It is simple as that.

Unlike other pets, say like cats or dogs, fish’s location is stationery. They won’t be trailing you from one corner of your house to the other.

For that reason, it needs to be at plain sight vantage position where it is drawing people’s attention.

Now, which is that position that in your house that convenient for your eyes? I suggest the ideal position to be where you frequently are in!! It will be great for your eyes and soul.

Besides, that place will enable you monitor any changes taking place in and on the fish tank. Some of what you need to notice and sort in good time include but not limited to:

  • Sickly or change in mannerism of your pet fish,
  • Any cases of aquarium appliances malfunction; say of filter, heater, lighting et al,
  • Any outbreaks in the tank particularly algae outbreak for your urgent cleaning.
  • Cracks, scratches or even leaks on the tank.

While you ensure it’s easily visibly, it’s critically important to ensure the location is safe. Both the tank and the admirers should not be a risk to each other.

Having said that, continue reading for where not to put a fish tank in a room.

Ample space and easily accessible place:

You may make the mistake of assuming just any void is best filled with an aquarium. Well, it may be at a good visible space but does it have ample room to maneuver?  

You need enough working space around the tank. This you’ll realize especially during tank maintenance; cleaning and water changes. Ensure you can comfortably stand from atleast two sides of your aquarium.

That’s besides having space for holding aquarium appliances like filters, heaters, pumps et al. Moreover, it should be a convenient place where you can easily feed your pets as well as offering you room for storing tank supplies.

Near water source and power supply:

Nearness to both power and water sources is another critical thing to consider when deciding where to put a fish tank in a room. These two amenities are critical to your tank’s optimal conditions maintenance.

Easy access to water is very important. This is especially so when cleaning the tank and doing water changes. If the tank is permanently fixed, it can be a real challenge.

In addition, you sure don’t want power supply cables running across the length of the room. Besides being unsightly, the risk of accidents when people trip on them is high.

Unnoticed unplugging of appliances such as filters and heaters occasioned by such accidents will expose your tank to unhealthy conditions. Extreme and drastic changes in the fish tank are unhealthy to fish especially those not too hardy.

Besides, the appliances are also susceptible to malfunctions. Subsequently, you’ll incur unplanned hefty replacement costs.

Less noisy place:

Ever seen cautions not to tap on fish aquariums? While the tapping noises may not even register in your ears, it’s not the same with fish. The vibrations travel through the water reaching the pets. To the fish, this feels like huge loud bangs.

Fish are known not to do well in a place with such vibrations. As such, a fish tank near TV, speakers, opening and slamming doors or near pathways with heavy traffic are some of the worst places for fish.

Such sound vibrations cause your pet fish stress. Infact, they can shock them to their early death.

Get them a cool and quite place.

Away from direct sunlight:

One of the outbreaks you want to avoid in your tank is algae outbreaks. Excess lighting is fodder for algae. This therefore means that a fish tank by the window is absolutely not a good idea.

However, if the search for where to place the aquarium in your living room only leave you with a place near a window, just ensure the curtains are always drawn.

This is however not to say your tank doesn’t need lighting. NO! Light, whether natural or from lighting appliances should not exceed the beneficial light levels.

Besides the algae problem, direct sunlight hitting your fish tank may raise the tank temperatures. Equally, when it reduces, the tank’s temperatures plummet. This drastic change of tank conditions puts fish under severe stress. Most fish are not hardy enough to handle these changes.

Away from heaters and heat radiators:

Another consideration in deciding the best place for aquarium in the house is the distance from heat emitters, radiators or even cooling vents and fans.

A critical requirement for an optimal tank is constant temperature. Just as you keep the tank from direct sunlight, keep it from external heat sources too. You want to avoid the drastic tank’s temperature changes whether from heaters or coolers.

Sorry to disappoint you, but when looking for where to place aquarium the in living room, don’t even look at the fire place direction.

The right height and placement:

You sure don’t want your fish tank on unstable surface. The risk of accidents is too high. It’s paramount that it sits on a sufficiently firm and stable surface. While aquariums may look small and beautiful, they can be heavy too.

In addition, the surface should be level otherwise you risk cracking the tank.

Depending on who frequents the aquarium room, the height should be prohibitive especially to small children.

That said, don’t worry too much. There are good aquarium stands that will fit whatever tank size you have. Some come with wheels. This makes them easily movable especially during cleaning time. Remember we said nearness to water is a critical factor to consider. Well, you are better off using the appropriate aquarium stand than be sorry.

Other frequently asked questions:

Can you keep a fish tank in the kitchen?

A fish tank can be a good addition to your kitchen. However, ensure to follow the guiding factors discussed above on the best place for aquarium in the house.

It particularly should not be exposed to too much light, heaters or breeze.

Having said that, ensure the tank doesn’t eat up on your working space. It simply shouldn’t be too big.

Make use of those dimly lit corners on firm and sturdy kitchen cabinets.

However, depending on the size and design of your kitchen, you may have either a tropical fish tank or a big sized marine tank. The aim is to have one that gels in with the outlay of your kitchen.  

However, according to feng shui principles, you don’t keep an aquarium in the kitchen. Symbolically, the water element there in will put out the fire energy in the kitchen.

Besides that, there are arguments that the grease smoke resulting from the cooking activities pollutes the water in the aquarium. This is especially so if the tank has no lid. As a result, cleaning may be a challenge.

Is it okay to keep aquarium in the bedroom?

It would be great waking up to the sight of a lively tank environment.

Well, first ensure the room temperature is steady. They shouldn’t be varying drastically from warm to cold lest they disrupt the aquarium’s temperatures.

Besides that, ensure that your fish tank safely sits on a well leveled and strong enough surface. You don’t want to wake up under the weight of a collapsed tank.

However, just like with aquarium in the kitchen, according to feng shui principles, aquariums in the bedroom are a no! no! Why? This is because the bedroom is generally a static restful environment.

Unfortunately, there are a lot motions by the swimming fish and light from the aquarium. As a result, a lot of unnecessary yang energy is generated. This in essence interferes with a peaceful sleep.


If you pick best place to put a fish tank in your house, you are sure to have a lively tank. The therapeutic and the stress relief effect and returns there from are unquantifiable.

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