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Pros and Cons of Realistic Artificial Aquarium Plants

If you are going to use fake plants in your fish tank, you need to know the pros and cons of realistic artificial aquarium plants.

And there are so many of the most realistic artificial aquarium plants. You will be spoilt for choice, or will you?

Real or Fake Aquarium Plants?

In another article, we looked at the pros and cons of live aquarium plants. We saw how they help decorate the tank, give the fish a place to lay their eggs and some fish also eat the plants.

The good thing about the fake plants for aquariums is that they are just that-fake! Therefore, they don’t require any maintenance. They can last many years on end.

If your acrylic or glass aquarium cracks and you have to replace it, just store your fake aquarium plants to use them when you install a new fish tank.

Plastic or silk aquarium plants?

You can order your artificial plants on While you are searching there, you will see that the most popular plants are either made of silk or plastic. Of course, the silk ones will cost slightly more than the plastic artificial plants. But they are worth it.

Whether you buy the plastic or silk plants for your aquarium, you will enjoy their benefits. They cannot rot, can’t be eaten and they do not produce carbon dioxide.

Get the best that you can because it is like a one-off cost. Once you get the plants, you will not need to get others in a long time.

Some of the best realistic artificial aquarium plants that you can buy on amazon include MyLifeUNIT Artificial Seaweed Water Plants for Aquarium and MyLifeUNIT Artificial Seaweed Water Plants for Aquarium.

Pros and cons of realistic artificial aquarium plants

Why should you get realistic artificial aquarium plants?

There are so many reasons to get realistic artificial plants for aquariums. Here are some of the benefits of using these plants:

They do not wear away

Some types of fish can eat natural aquarium plants, even when they are well fed. Therefore, if you have natural plants in the tank, you always have to check whether the fish are eating them.

The artificial plants look so real, but the fish will not eat them. Thus, they will last a long time with minimal care.

The silk plants look so real

This is another reason why you should choose silk artificial aquarium plants. They look so incredibly real. It will be hard for your guests to tell that these plants are not the real thing.

Plastic plants can look a bit artificial. Therefore, most people just take the silk ones. However, even the plastic ones have their benefits. For instance, they do not cost much.

The reason that they are referred to as the most realistic fake aquarium plants is just that – they look so realistic.

No special care is needed for realistic fake aquarium plants

Once you put the plastic or silk plants in the aquarium, that is it! The only work you have to do is take care of the fish, change the water, mind the filtration system and take care of the other needs for your fish. The plants will stay put all the time.

These are fake plants, so they do not need light to make their own food. Therefore, you do not need to focus lights on them.

They do not need any nutrients.

Artificial aquarium plants are safe

These plants are safer than the natural plants because they cannot introduce parasites into the tank. Therefore, they are safe for your fish.

While they add no real value apart from aesthetics, there is no danger of introducing nasty parasites in the tank.

These are install-n-forget plants. Just put them in the tank and forget them.

They are easy to keep clean

These plants stay clean for a long time, but they are also easy to clean if need be. You very well might not be able to clean the natural plants.

Actually, cleaning the artificial plants in the aquarium is the only “special” that they need.  Thus, they do not require as much work as the live plants need.

More variety

Of course, because the manufacturers can make them in any way that they choose, these plants come in such a wide variety.

Some are cheap and some are costly. They also come in many colors, shapes and sizes. You might even be able to buy several of them and change them from time to time if you like.

Image of most realistic artificial plants for aquariums

Most realistic artificial aquarium plants cons

We might sing abo0ut the goodness of the most realistic artificial plants for aquariums until the chicken come home to roost. However, they still have their downsides, which we shall discuss below:

The have no biological benefit in the tank

Apart from looking good, these plants will not help to lower ammonia, break nitrate pockets or anything. They are just that – decorative!

They cannot prevent algae proliferation

Live plants use all the nutrients in the substrate therefore, causing the algae to die. However, artificial plants for aquariums do not help with this at all.

They do not increase oxygen level in the water

One boon of the natural plants in aquariums is that they increase oxygen level in the water. When water passes over the gills of your fish, they get their oxygen from there. This is why we said you need to maintain a good fish tank temperature because too much warmth lowers oxygen levels.


That is it for the pros and cons of realistic artificial aquarium plants. They have their downsides too, but the pros outweigh the cons by far.

Thus, if you cannot buy natural plants for your aquarium right now, you might start with the plastic or silk artificial plants for the aquarium.

If you ever need to change to live plants for aquarium in future, you can just sell the realistic artificial aquarium plantings.

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