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Aqualife Beauty Uncategorized Can a fish tank in your bedroom make you sick? Really?

Can a fish tank in your bedroom make you sick? Really?

Can a fish tank in your bedroom make you sick?

Is it good to keep fish aquarium at home? Absolutely YES! Is a bedroom aquarium unhealthy? If done right, certainly NOT!!! Now, can a fish tank in your bedroom make you sick? Well, I invite you to read through for a wholesome perspective. You can then decide on whether to/not to order for that bedroom fish tank.

Firstly, the one place in your house that you probably spend a good chunk of your time continuously in one place is on your bed.

Can a fish tank in your bedroom make you sick?

Secondly, stresses and worries deprive you of a good rest. Now, one great source of stress soothing and calming effect is watching fish swim in aquariums. As an aquarium hobbyist, you may want your pets to “see you off” to dreamland; just like other pet keepers’ (those unaffected by pet allergies) who go to bed with their pets. Unfortunately, it’s not practically possible with fish pets.

Having said that however, according to feng shui principles, aquarium in bedroom is a NO!

This is why; the continuous water movement effect will weaken the calmness you need in the bedroom. Besides, the “fire sensuality” expected in there is easily overcome by the water elements. Subsequently, your romance relations are the obvious casualties. You absolutely don’t want that. Well, that’s just about it with feng shui aquarium in bedroom.

Is a bedroom fish tank good for you?

First, let’s agree on this one thing; you don’t just place your aquarium in just any place in your house. Read this article on picking the best place to put a fish tank in your house.

Here is why you may want to have your pet fish in your sleeping space:

If it’s the safest place:

Do you have young ones who maybe moving about oblivious of any dangers of knock overs? Well then, the bedroom might be the best and safe place to avoid the imminent dangers and accidents.  

Pleasurable sight in the room

Before slipping into unconsciousness, the ease and grace with which the fish swims provides for such a wonderful view. Before long, sleep sweeps you off.

Creating a calming and soothing effect:

The calmness in the waters and the tranquility in the peaceful movement by fish have a great soothing effect. The serenity of the room causes unmatched relaxation. “Just what the doctor ordered.”

Shortage of room:

If unfortunately there isn’t much “ideal” position or room to place your aquarium, the bedroom is a great option. That said though, the fish tank shouldn’t however be directly in the way of the sunlight (say, near the window) or below a light bulb. Also, it’s advised that it’s also not directly facing the door.

Arguments against bedroom fish tank:

Nuisance noises from the fish tank

Now, the continuous buzzing sound from the aquarium equipment can be a nuisance and a bother. Besides the occasional noises by fish fiddling with the aquarium lid, your night is also characterized by air pump’s hamming sound and filter trickling noises. The filter is particularly even noisier if faulty or dirty.

These may actually mess with your sleep patterns. Luckily, with time, you may overcome them and still enjoy a sound sleep.

However, using less sound emitting equipment can help overcome this. A sponge filter for instance is way quieter. Also, you can trade the ordinary kit for a tetra whisper.

Note: The bigger the aquarium, the bigger the aquarium equipment and subsequently the more the noise.

Bad odor from the tank:

This is only if you don’t exercise good care of the tank. Infact, you probably don’t deserve a fish tank if you can allow water quality decline to a point of bad smell. Countering the smell with scents will only aid your sleep. On the contrary, you literally are watching your fish suffer and possibly die. Simple…

Unsecure placing risks:

First, appreciating that aquariums are heavy is critical. Often, the aquarium in the bedroom is on if not near the dressing table. Be very careful.

Caution is that the fish tank MUST be on a level and sturdy table, else, you risk breaking the tank or stand collapse altogether. That said however, there are good and reliable aquarium stands in the market. Just get one.

Humidity in the room:

Evaporation is inevitable but a lid can come in handy. Else, this results in more moisture in the air. Just like with noise, the bigger the aquarium, the more the evaporation; subsequently, the more the moisture/humidity.

I have seen queries such as, “can fish tanks cause breathing problems?” Now, let’s first understand that the recommended humidity level in a sleeping area is 30% – 50%. This is per Environmental Protection Agency. Anything out of that range will obviously impact your sleep negatively.  A good hygrometer will help you accurately tell the humidity levels for appropriate action(s).

With high level of humidity, besides feeling sweaty as you sleep, your chest may also feel congested. As a result, the breathing may feel laborious than normal. This will without a doubt affect your sleep.

Caution; a bedroom fish tank may not be ideal for one with respiratory challenges. However, a good dehumidifier can help in ensuring drier air in the room.

Formation of mold is another potential challenge from evaporation. This is besides the breathing problems from moisture addition in air.

Now, can fish tank mold make you sick? Well, certainly not from within the tank. However, the resultant toxic mold from the aquarium waters’ evaporation can be a hazard if dispersed in the air. Proper ventilation of your room can however help reduce mold buildup and dehumidify the air.

Can fish tanks make you sick?

Fish in themselves are not threatening. However, the environment they live in can be and can make them a health risk too to humans. For this reason, good care of the fish tank is vital. Selfcare is also important when handling and particularly cleaning the tank.

Poor tank care will obviously result in toxins accumulation such as ammonia and nitrite. You don’t want toxins filled moisture filling the room via evaporation.

This is in addition to the risk of harboring parasites like Salmonella Paratyphi B dT+, which cause multidrug resistant bacterial infections. This is according to an Australian medical research periodical; Journal of Emerging Infectious Diseases.

So, can my fish tank make me sick? Yes, if you don’t wash your hands thoroughly with soap post handling aquarium waters and ornamental tropical fish. It is also possible if aquarium accessories are washed in the kitchen and or bathroom sinks. These should equally be thoroughly be cleaned to assuredly disinfect them.

Finally however, the risk and its severity can greatly be mitigated by ensuring clean aquarium water always. Strong and dependable filter(s) as well as timely and sufficient water changes will eliminate possible toxins build-up. In addition, good aquarium plants can also aid in elimination of the toxins in the water.


Can a fish tank in your bedroom make you sick? This I believe I now settled. You have the information you need to create that ambience in your “kingdom”, the bedroom with a fish tank.

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