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What else can goldfish eat? Alternative homemade goldfish food:

It is not unordinary to run out of fish food without notice. However, even if that happens, it’s no reason to be too hard on yourself. Well, “what else can goldfish eat besides fish food” is all you need to know. Your pet fish will still appreciate.

That said, alternative homemade food for goldfish should mirror what they eat in the wild. In addition, it would help if you also knew what goldfish food is made of. Following that therefore, you can try to replicate the nutritional composition in your DIY goldfish food.


What do wild goldfish eat?

Out in the wild, it’s all but natural goldfish food. They do not have the luxury of goldfish treats like you pet fish.

Now, what do goldfish eat in the wild?” First, goldfish are naturally omnivores. This means that they feed on all matter; vegetation, insects, small crustaceans, zoo-plankton among others. In addition, they feed even on dead and decaying matter including fish poop. In short, anything that can fit in goldfish’s mouth is food. I trust this gives you an idea on its meals and perhaps its nutritional composition.

Subsequently, should you run out of fish food, this is what you are to ensure your homemade alternative goldfish food contain.

What is in goldfish food from the pest stores?

Fish in captivity largely depend on packed fish food. These foods’ nutritional composition is very well researched to guide their manufacture. As a result, the best packed food for goldfish to a large extent mirrors goldfish natural food.

For optimal and healthy growth of your pet goldfish, the following are needed and present in the packed foods:

  • Proteins: Plant proteins are the best because they are easily digested.

Further, compared to other pet fish, goldfish require much more proteins. It will surprise you that smaller goldfish require even more proteins compared to big ones. In the 2 sizes, the protein proportion in every meal serving is about 45% and 30% respectively.

  • Vitamins: Most of the vitamins goldfish needs are self-generated. However, some have to be sourced from outside of the body. Vitamins A, D, K as well as folic acids are some of the essential vitamins for goldfish.

Packed foods have most if not all of these vitamins. However, for vitamins sufficiency, you can supplement that with frozen or liveblood worms.

  • Fats: Animal fats are the best. They should form anywhere in the range of 5-15% of the diet. Packed fish foods have them in ideal proportions.
  • Fiber and low carbohydrate: When buying goldfish, look out for fish with “bulk” or “Ash” on the package. In addition, because carbohydrates can cause diseases, ensure it is not over 10%.

Fiber, just like carbohydrates should be minimal in the diet.

  • Minerals: These are needed in small doses. A big proportion of these are easily gotten from the waters.

Natural goldfish food contains most of these nutrients.

With that said, your alternative homemade goldfish food should also have as much of these contents as possible.


What else can goldfish eat besides fish food?

It’s important to note that a balanced healthy diet not only makes the fish healthy but also makes its colors bright. Varying its diet is also very important. However, in your variation of foods, be careful to feed them safe foods only. For the manufactured goldfish food, you can worry less because they are well researched.

Below listing is of alternative, homemade emergency fish food for goldfish that you can serve them. The good thing is, most of it is from your kitchen; from what you are eating.

So, what human food can you feed a goldfish?

  • Leafy vegetables: Just like humans, fish too need fiber for enhancing digestion in the body. In captivity, say your aquarium, feeding fish on vegetables will provide them with this much needed fiber.

Greens are easily digested by the fish and are a good substitute fish food to packed foods.

However, before serving these to fish, chop them into small pieces and boil. This softens them for ease and fast digestion.

You might now be asking,

What vegetables can goldfish eat?

Common vegies for goldfish include cooked zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, and spinach among others. Therefore, to all these common questions; can goldfish eat lettuce? Can goldfish eat cucumber? Can goldfish eat broccoli? Yes is the correct answer!!! Just do it right.

  • Peas: These are also a great source of the much needed fiber. However, before feeding peas to goldfish, first boil them, peel off the outer cover and slightly mash them. Besides the nutritious aspect, they also sink to the bottom of the tank. Goldfish will be able to pick them from down there too.
What else can goldfish eat

Caution however is, too much peas feeding inhibits absorption of other food nutrients.  

  • Rice and/or Pasta: Well, of the many questions by most hobby aquarists is, can goldfish eat rice?  The answer is YES. However, there is a caveat. Goldfish do not have an elaborate digestive system.

Now, rice and pasta tend to swell/expand on absorbing water. This makes it fill up the small digestive tract with very slow digestion going on. This leads to bloating and constipation in fish and eventually swim bladder disease.

For that reason then, to avoid this possible stressful condition, first BOIL TO COOK the rice and the pasta. It will be soft for digestion and will have absorbed enough water. As a result, no more “swelling” of the rice grains in the digestive tract of the fish. Subsequently, digestion is therefore easy and fast.

  • Fruits: Goldfish do enjoy delicacy of fruit bitings. If you’re unsure, really, “can goldfish eat grapes?” Yes they can. Other fruits that they love eating are watermelons, apples, bananas and even oranges. However, they too need slicing into small pieces and bit of boiling to soften.

All the above are safe and healthy emergency fish you can fix in a few minutes.

Other fish feeding FAQS

In the discussion on what else can goldfish eat instead of fish food, below question almost ranks number one:

Can goldfish eat bread crumbs?

The safe answer is no. First, bread has gluten that is not easily digested. Secondly, bread will definitely expand when it absorbs water. This is bad for fish because it will cause it constipation. Remember it has a very small and unelaborate digestive system.

If you run out of fish food without notice, you’d rather let it starve instead of serving bread as alternative food. A few days won’t kill it. Check out here how long goldfish can survive without food.

How much do you feed a goldfish?

The rule of thumbs is, feed what it will finish in less than 2 minutes. Actually, the recommended food size is the size of its eye.

However, be very careful lest you overfeed the fish. Overfeeding will lead to excess uneaten foods in the tank. Subsequently, these excess will decay in the tank which eventually lead to poor water quality.

Toxins like ammonia and nitrite will take root in the tank. If not careful, ammonia burns will afflict you fish and in worst cases, cause death.  

How many times should you feed a goldfish?

There is no specific guide on how often to feed the fish. However, it would be great to establish a specific feeding pattern.

That said a consistent schedule of 2 to 3 times daily and in the right proportions is a good plan.

You can also have some reserves of emergency substitute fish food for instances when you run out of fish food without notice.


“What else can goldfish eat” should now be the least of your worries. As long as your kitchen has something for you, you are also assured of readily available alternative goldfish food.

These can be good alternative goldfish treats.

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